Our Company.

Maraya Media is a self-serve social media management platform that drives intelligent dialogue. Maraya helps you, through its proprietary tools and templates, dialogue with and retain your online audience effectively for high social media ROI. Maraya Media’s intelligent dialogue platform offers brands, agencies, community managers, publishers and individuals alike a range of social media management solutions that enables them to intelligently manage, engage, recruit and retain fans, followers and customers online.

The offering ranges from social network management and campaign publishing, through strategic audience dialogue, message and campaign planning, brand partnership and collaboration, social conversation innovation, analysis and optimization.

At Maraya Media we have placed consumer relevance at the heart of our innovation and strategy. The imperative for consumer relevance requires a brand to harness deep contextual knowledge about each consumer and apply it intelligently to create persuasive experiences at every touch point.

To deliver relevant experience at scale companies need to be able to tap into the wealth of data resources that provide valuable signals on what can attract and hold consumer attention at any moment in time – no just data about geo-location, gender and age, product preference or purchase, but also more importantly likes, interests and who they talk and listen to.