Maraya Help Desk

Getting Started

Registration process

You simply click on the sign up for a demo button on the main page as shown below:

Or simply go to the link: Fill in the email address you would like to use for Maraya Media as the main account id then fill in your first name last name the company name your company and ensure to use a strong password using at least 8 characters with capital letters, symbols and numbers the click submit. After clicking submit you should receive the following message: “Thank you fir using Maraya, you will receive an email to complete your registration, please check your spam folder just incase” If you are facing problems with the registration please send an email to

Activating your account

After filling the registration form and submitting you will receive the following message “Thank you for using Maraya, you will receive an email to complete your registration, please check your spam folder just incase”

This email includes an activation link this link within the email will activate your account on the Maraya Media SRM servers when clicked. You should expect the activation email within 5 min, from Maraya Media with the subject “ Maraya Activation” as shown below

If you didn’t find the email in your inbox please check your spam and junk folders View the email

You can see in the picture above the button that says activate you have to click this button in order to activate your account.

When you click this button you should immediately be directed to the account setup wizard.

If you didn’t receive the email please send us an email with the following title:

“Activation email not received email address (”

in the body of the email you can send us any feedback you think would make us serve you better. Please send the email to

Trouble in the registration process

If you faced any problem during the registration process please send us an email to

Please make sure that your connected to the internet when you submit the registration form a temporary loss of internet linkage can cause a timeout in the session and all information filled in the submission form will be lost.

If you are trying to register and you get the message “email already exists in the system” please click on the forgot password button from the login drop down menu as shown in the picture below

Insert your email the recover your password page text box as shown below:

And click Recover it you will get a message that says” you will receive an email with instructions for resetting your password.” Check your email, make sure to check the spam and junk folders then open the email and follow the instruction to recover your account.

If you think that someone else has been using your email please send us an email to

Setting up your Maraya Account

After you receive registering you will receive an activation email, the activation email will contain a button that says activate this button will immedietly direct you to the setup wizard that will help you setup your account. See below

Click get started to start the wizard

Add Facebook pages

To define and add your face book pages you have to click the get started button. The button will automatically take you to the next step as shown below:

To add your first Facebook page click on the Add Facebook pages button shown above.

A pop up window will appear that will ask you to log into your Facebook account this is safe your account credentials are checked with Facebook not with Maraya as you can see the link in the top of the pop up box

So go ahead login, don’t worry your credentials are safe. If you are already logged in you will immediately get the screen that shows all pages related to the Facebook account your logged in with:

Click on the name of the page you would like manage using Maraya Media SRM then click the select button to add the page to the Maraya Dashboard. After selecting the page you would like to manage using Maraya SRM the tutorial will automatically take you to next step. Before you ask the question “how can I add more pages and define a Twitter account?” the answer is after you finish the tutorial, you can always come back to the tutorial from the button on the header and define new accounts and pages.

Add Twitter account

After going through the tutorial you can come back to it to define your twitter account by click on the Tutorial button on the top right of the header in the navigation screen this will start the Tutorial again in order to define your Twitter account or add more Facebook pages after you open the tutorial click on the button Add Twitter account

A pop up window will appear asking you to login to your twitter account, if you are already logged in it will automatically take you to the authorization pop up page this page is provided by twitter to give the authority for Maraya Media SRM to access your twitter account and manage the account through Maraya as shown below

Click the button Authorize app to start managing your twitter account using Maraya Media SRM, after clicking this button the system will automatically add your twitter account to your Dashboard and you can start managing the your twitter account from Maraya Media SRM. After defining your twitter account step 2 will appear if you already did the setup you can simply close the tutorial by clicking on the X on the top right of the tutorial box.

Now lets go to the interesting part of the tutorial

Defining competitors

This section is built for you to keep track of your competitors as they say “keep you friends close but your competitors closer!” well this tool is built to stay live with your competitors Facebook page and twitter page to start

Simply click on Find competitors to monitor button shown above and fill in the name of your competitor the name to his Facebook page and his Twitter account

Then click the monitor competitor to add to your dashboard.

Define custom insights & Trends

It is only fair for you to stay in touch with what is trending now on the internet what are users searching for what are people tweeting about this section is specifically built for this reason and Maraya gives you the ability to choose your area or category of interest and country of interest to stay tuned with what is going online in your area and interest.

Simply choose category and location, then save and continue. After this screen you will have a choice to create a new campaign or exit the tutorial this screen is the last step of the tutorial after this you will start the experience of a lifetime. Again Save, Continue and Enjoy!

Setting up admin roles

This feature of the system allows the main administrator to create users and define a role for each one, this will allow the admin to distribute tasks and KPI’s among the marketing department team lets start by going to the drop down menu as shown below:

The name of the account your managing is will pop down the Administration menu when clicked as shown in the image above. To start click on Users from the drop down menu.

Adding a new user

After clicking the Users button from the drop down menu that appears when clicking on the name of the account you are managing the users screen will open. Simply to add a new user click the +New button on the top right of the users table as shown below:

When clicking the button +NEW it will take you to the page where you define the new user email, first and last name, Job title, Mobile and extension.

Be careful at the bottom of the form there is a check box to define a main role, if you don’t want this user to have full administrator access do not check that box.

Finish filling the information data and click save then user will then be immediately added to the users table.

If you are facing a trouble adding users please ensure that you have the permission to add users otherwise send us an email to :

Define users' roles and permissions

At this point you can only define 2 types of users admins and non admins
The Admin role has full access to permissions For any other inquiries please contact us at:

Assigning users to specific accounts

To be released with the Alpha release of the system
For any other inquiries please contact us at:

Reporting hierarchy

To be released with the Alpha release of the system For any other inquiries please contact us at:

Get Social, Create, Post and preview campaigns

This is one of the most important features in the system, on this page you can finally start your interactivity with your fans and followers using Maraya Media SRM by creating new campaigns and post on multiple streams all at once. Lets start by click on the Get Social button in the main navigation menu

Creating a new Campaign Post

To create a new post simply click on the +New Campaign button on the top right of the Get social table as shown below:

After clicking the +New campaign the system will automatically redirect you to the campaign creation page Start by defining a name for the campaign/post

Insert the name of the desired campaign in the box shown above.

Choosing pages and accounts to post on

After defining the campaign name, its time to choose the pages/accounts you want to post the desired campaign on. As shown bellow:

You can choose multiple pages/accounts to post on just by clicking on the name of the page/account, to ensure that the desired pages/accounts have been selected to color of the chosen pages/accounts will change and a check will appear on the left side of the box as shown below:

Choosing a template for your Campaign/Post

Now that we have defined a name for the campaign and chose the pages/accounts you want to post your campaign on its time to choose a suitable template for your campaign. You have 7 different templates you can choose from
1 Status update
2 A post with a link attached
3 A post with a link and a thumbnail attached (this only works for Facebook)
4 A post with an image
5 A post with a video link attached (this only works for Facebook)
6 A video upload (this only works for Facebook)
7 A poll/questionnaire post (this only works for Facebook)

As shown below from left to right

Campaign/Post Targeting capabilities

This is where you insert your campaign content, whether its any type of the campaign templates defined, keep in mind that if you are uploading a picture the maximum size of the picture shouldn’t exceed 500KB and the image extensions allowed are .jpg, jpeg, .gif and .png other formats will not be uploaded. When posting on Twitter accounts if the text inserted exceeds 140 characters including spaces the post will be truncated on the twitter account when posted.

At the bottom of the text box you will find the targeting utilities as shown below:

The first icon will create separate posts one for Facebook and the other for Twitter The next icon shaped as an arrow is used to target by location and language The third icon shaped like a pin is to choose the location of the campaign for example you are located in Japan and you want to post for a client located in the USA you can change the location of the campaign to show that it was posted from the USA not you physical location.

The fourth icon shaped like a calendar is designed for you to schedule the posting of the campaign on a specific date and time. The fifth icon shaped like a chain this allows you to create an action link where you can change the share button option on Facebook to redirect the user to a desired link or URL Now here where is gets pretty intense its time to set my target audience as follows
By Gender, relationship status, interested in, educational status, colleges, college major, workplace, age range, location and language.

Submit/Preview/ Post Campaign

After defining a name for the campaign, choosing a template, insert the content to post and define your targeting preferences its time to submit your campaign. Of course you can always click preview before you post to see how will your post look like on your pages/accounts, you can save the campaign in the drafts folder or you can simply Post It.