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How it works:

We have been developing and improving Maraya, so as you would expect, what goes on behind the scenes is extremely complex. This is to provide a general overview of how everything works, starting from how we collect the data, to how we clean it and analyze it, and finally how you can access and use the data.

Gathering Data
Intelligent dialogue starts by monitoring what people say about your brand, products, competitors, industry or any related topics. Queries are the search strings that tell Maraya what to look for. Our crawlers then inspect every corner of the social web to find the data you're interested in, then constantly revisit all those sources to check for new data as it is generated.

Cleaning Data
Clean data is critical to successful social media monitoring. Many other systems simply provide you with masses of data, taking little care over the relevancy of that data to your interests. This means your data needs to be manually validated and cleaned, costing your team precious time and resources. To avoid this, we continue to innovate with our intelligent knowledge base and automated systems which address the sources of irrelevant data.

Analyzing Data
Each web page found by the Maraya crawler goes through a series of automated analysis processes.

Language detection:
Our Natural Language Processing algorithms recognize the language used in the pages we crawl; this improves the accuracy of the other analysis processes and means that customers can filter their data by language.

Date and time:
Our crawler applies several forms of logic to identify the date and time each piece of content was posted, meaning that you can accurately filter your brand's mentions by date range.

Detecting the location of a source isn't always as simple as tracking the location of the domain, so we have multiple intelligent techniques to look for evidence of location, to the country, state, region and city level.

Semantic Recommendation:
Topic analysis:
Presenting Data
Giving our customers the tools to make use of all this clever behind-the-scenes technology is of paramount importance to us here at Maraya.

The interface is built in the latest webapp technology, making it incredibly snappy and light on your system resources. It runs in all modern browsers and you don't need any additional software or plugins.

Our dashboards are renowned for their intuitiveness and flexibility:

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