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1.Outperform your competition with smarter social insights

Maraya intuitive dashboard allows you make data driven decisions based on your social marketing efforts.

Easily track your influence and how well you engage your audience at the account level. Watch your progress over time and compare your scores to competitors to see how well you are doing.

Understand who your audience is with detailed audience demographics by network so that you can craft your messages and interactions to better meet their needs and expectations.

2.Target intelligently

Increase engagement, interactions and conversion with our intelligent targeting and A/B testing essential features, such as the ability to visually create experiments and track multiple goals for your social conversations and campaigns.

3.Predict & actively guide your dialogue

Maraya’s Predict helps brands evaluate and optimize their social marketing efforts with comprehensive, actionable data. Measure engagement and execute the most powerful content – pinpoint the best time of day to engage fans and identify content that resonates with your target audience.

4.Get Social

Maraya campaign publisher facilitates the intelligent two-way conversation. Engage and deliver your brand's message directly to your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Cross-post messages to multiple networks. Quickly and easily post messages to all of your social networks and choose whether to send now or schedule it for later. Maraya Media allows you to post messages on facebook and twitter simultaneously from one easy-to-use message composer. Shorten links, attach photos, geo-target facebook posts, and more.

Scheduling just got easier with Maraya Media You can easily add content to a publishing queue for automated future delivery. Content can be added and team members can collaborate on content for improved efficiency by easily adding and reorganizing posts and setting rules for delivery with full visibility into a complete publishing schedule.

5.Mine & unlock insights about your audience

Maraya’s Insight Engine is the gateway to understanding your social customers. Unlock insights about your customers with unprecedented social data acquisition, segmentation, analysis and metrics.

6.Collaborate with complementary brands

We believe that great brands deserve great content so we developed the Maraya Brand Partnership Exchange to allow brands enrich their social dialogue with relevant, original, interesting and fresh content frombrand partners.

This private, invitation-only exchange helps brands selectively connect and collaborate with other complementary brands to cross-utilize social communities, enrich their dialogue, grow their social audience or find new customers.